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Kim de Groot is a design researcher with an MA in new media. She is part of the lectoraat Communication in a digital age and teaches new media at the Willem de Kooning academy Kim's research deals with the inverted relation between image and reality. Moving from representation to the performative, from the visual to the infrastructural, images are no longer created to represent a reality but to manage it. Kim examines images as informational objects and traces the relations between image, event and media.

Flickrs of Possibility, an interview in The Copyist


Metahaven talks "metadata" with Kim de Groot as she maps opportunities for change in institutional approaches to the contemporary image economy.
For the Copyist, a journal that accompanies the Play Van Abbe, Metahaven interviewed me about my research on image production in Flickr and You Tube and the concept of the operational image.
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Extracts from the interview:

KdG: With my 3D models I aim to show internal hierarchies in the image, by looking at its ‘popular spots’. I try to design the image as a unit of production, and reproduction. Images are permanently (re)produced according to the growing amount of users and tags that are added to it. Comment sections and other metadata categories start to integrate with the image itself. The production and distribution of the image is no longer a preface to the end result, it is part of the image. Definitely, metadata is one of the founding mechanisms behind this transformation


MH: What is an operational image?

KdG: Museums should think about how art exists as an image, and not only how it should be presented as art. Application means to put things into operation. The image of art offers potential to do this. Corporate art collectors acknowledge this or at least make use of it by using art as a visual brand. What is the potential of the image of art for a museum? I think that considering the artwork as an operational image may allow the museum to design new dynamics around the actual work. The museum could produce series of derivative images, itself based on a kind of information and metadata which only the museum possesses.

Lissitzky DecayLissitzky Decay

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